The long-awaited #wine and #sapori del #Salento #tastings are finally back together with visits to the historic winery and the #Vineyards of #CantinaSampietrana.

Wine tourism visits are the images that today crowd the social channels, the electronic ways of communication with relatives and friends, thus replacing the “greeting cards” that once helped to “share” the holidays with our loved ones.

Today the most popular souvenirs are the food and wine products, primarily wine, rather than the statuettes representing the places visited.

And still, today, we want to share the sensory experience that a place transmits to us, thus immediately inducing us to immortalize ourselves next to a traditional dish that we savor in an authentic place, accompanied by a glass of good native wine. In short, a tourism to be “(de) tasted”.

Here’s what Cantina Sampietrana offers today.

Authentic experiences with visits to the vineyards to experience first hand (on request) even the practices of viticulture. What is the tourist approach today, strongly linked to the discovery of the territory, has become the mission of Cantina Sampietrana which is based on the concept of “bond with the territory”.

Today more than ever, the winery is opening up to local tourism, also telling its story to visitors from the neighboring areas of their hometown #SanPietroVernotico, formerly belonging to the Land of Otranto, whose origins go back to the Messapians; Country strategically positioned between Brindisi DOC, #Negroamaro Park, Squinzano and #SaliceSalentino, as well as always strongly linked to agriculture, to the products of Mother Earth. In this regard, we reiterate that Cantina Sampietrana implements, for company policy, sustainable practices in the vineyards, also following integrated or biological defense paths as well as the use of alternative energy in the cellar. “If we respect the environment around us, the Earth helps us to create our future, provides us with everything we need, after which it is our task to be able to make our dreams come true.” Avv. Leccisi – President

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