The Vines

From Salento tradition to modern production processes

The Vines

Cantina Sampietrana wines are the result of careful transformation of the autochthonous grape varieties “Negroamaro, Primitivo and Malvasia”.

Among the grapes used there are also the ancient Susumaniello, the traditional Aglianico, Montepulciano and Lambrusco, as well as the international Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, Fiano and Verdeca.






Primitivo, cultivated with the characteristic bush vine, is a red grape variety, quite delicate and not easy to grow, which suffers from too long drought and excess humidity, as well as the spring frosts.

In the upper Salento it has found an almost perfect habitat to grow properly and produce healthy grapes of excellent quality for winemaking.

It is characterized by a large quantity of sugar contained in the berries – spherical and medium in size, with a bluish skin and rich in bloom – necessary for producing wines with a high alcoholic strength. This peculiarity is combined with a relevant anthocyanin content in the skins. Those are substances that give color.

In the younger versions, the color is ruby ​​with clear violet reflections, almost dark and not very transparent; this color is shown off in a stronger way in the case of aging in wood, a process that also turns the chromatic hue towards garnet.


The black Malvasia of Brindisi has an average compact bunch, medium in size, conical without wings; it has medium sized berries, spheroidal in shape, with a thin, pruinose and blue-black skin.

The wine obtained is ruby ​​red in color with violet reflections.

Il vino che si ottiene è di colore rosso rubino con riflessi violacei.

It is warm in mouth, fruity, with a slight component of aromaticity, not too marked, but sufficient to put it among the aromatic Malvasia.

It can give a dry wine of great character and, side by side with blends of other vines, contributes to rounding off the characteristics, diluting their angularity, so much so that it appears to be mentioned in the specification of many designations of origin.


Negroamaro, also known as Negramaro, owes its name to its main characteristics: the almost black color of its wines and a bitter aftertaste.

It has medium-sized bunches of conical shape, with tight density, of short size and without wings. The berries are large, very pruinose and with thick black skins with violet veins.

Oval in shape, the berries are very leathery. Productivity is very high and must be limited with drastic pruning and suitable breeding systems, little expanded.

It is cultivated as a “bush vine”  for quality winemaking, but also with the counter-espalier it is able to give excellent results.

Limestone, of which most of the soil of Puglia is composed, is very appreciated by the grape variety, which in this soil enhances its qualities.

To make up for the drought, the grape also likes a good presence of clay which manages to retain water flowing underground.

The pure Negroamaro provides wines with a characteristic ruby ​​red color tending to garnet, more intense in the reserve type, with a typical olfactory range of the breed wine, with a strong presence of dark flowers and berries while in the mouth it is full, harmonious and intense.

It is particularly suited for “rosé” processes where well-made spices, fruit aromas (raspberries – pomegranate) and floral touches of spiced rose from cinnamon emerge. Negroamaro currently offers the best rosé wines of the peninsula.

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